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Have a LHD car to sell? We can help! Left Hand Drive Cars are more popular than you might think in the UK. Expats especially like to buy them so that they can move abroad with a car they already own in the UK. If you choose us to make an offer on your car you can be sure we will offer the highest price we can.

Driving on the left and right

In RHT jurisdictions, vehicles are typically configured LHD, with the steering wheel on the left side. In LHT jurisdictions, the reverse is true. The driver’s side, the side closer to the centre of the road, is sometimes called the offside, while the passenger side, the side closer to the side of the road, is sometimes called the nearside.

Most windscreen wipers are designed to clear the driver’s side better and have a longer blade on the driver’s side and wipe up from the passenger side to the driver’s side. Thus on LHD configurations, they wipe up from right to left, viewed from inside the vehicle, and do the opposite on RHD (Right Hand Drive) vehicles.

Historically there was less consistency in the relationship of the position of the driver to the handedness of traffic. Most American cars produced before 1910 were RHD. In 1908 Henry Ford standardised the Model T as LHD in RHT America, arguing that with RHD and RHT, the passenger was obliged to “get out on the street side and walk around the car” and that with steering from the left, the driver “is able to see even the wheels of the other car and easily avoids danger.”By 1915 other manufacturers followed Ford’s lead, due to the popularity of the Model T.

In specialised cases, the driver will sit on the nearside, or curbside. Examples include:

  • Where the driver needs a good view of the nearside, e.g. street sweepers, or vehicles driven along unstable road edges. Similarly in mountainous areas the driver may be seated opposite side so that they have a better view of the road edge which may fall away for very many metres into the valley below. Swiss Postbuses in mountainous areas are a well known example.
  • Where it is more convenient for the driver to be on the nearside, e.g. delivery vehicles. The Grumman LLV postal delivery truck is widely used with RHD configurations in RHT North America. Some Unimogs are designed to switch between LHD and RHD to permit operators to work on the more convenient side of the truck.

Generally, the convention is to mount a motorcycle on the left, and kickstands are usually on the left which makes it more convenient to mount on the safer kerbside as is the case in LHT. Some jurisdictions prohibit fitting a sidecar to a motorcycle’s offside.

Selling your car to LHD Cars Wanted

Here’s how it works.

1. Get a free, instant LHD Car valuation

All we need is your name, email and car details to give you a valuation of your vehicle. Our valuations are always as accurate as possible. LHD Cars Wanted can buy your LHD car, whether you’re selling an electric car or any model, including:

  • LHD Aston Martin
  • LHD Audi
  • LHD Mercedes
  • LHD Porsche

2. Consider our offer

We only need a few details and some photos of your LHD car, we can then make a cash offer.

3. We will collect from your home

Once a deal is agreed we will pick up your car from your home. This is also the stage where we will ask for key documents to ensure you can sell your car without a hitch. We will make full payment for the car before any handover of keys and documents. If you were honest and accurate in your car description then it’s unlikely they will be any issue. When we are sure everything is all in order, they will pay you securely to your bank. Funds will be cleared into your account before we take the car away.

What about selling to private buyers?

You can choose to advertise your car privately but these days, more than ever before this can be more of a headache than it is worth. When selling to LHD Cars Wanted the process is completed mostly online or on the phone and our ID and references can be provided at any point to give you that extra bit of confidence.

Selling to an instant car buying site

There are lots of car buying sites out there that will make an offer for your car. The downside is that the offer may be significantly less than if you sold via another route. This is because these car selling sites buy your car with the intention of selling them on again, so they aren’t going to pay over the odds for stock they want to make a profit on. The other point to remember is that you will have to take your car to a buying location which is time consuming and may end up being a disappointing experience if they find any small faults on your car that they didn’t know about.

Part exchange

Part exchange can be a great way to get your hands on a new car if you have a particular car in mind. Then you can drive to the dealership, ask if they’ll accept your car as part exchange (most won’t take LHD’s). The downside is that they are merely using the profit margin in the new car to give you an inflated value for your car. It is far better to buy the new car without a part exchange as this gives you the best leverage to negotiate the lowest price.

Selling to LHD Cars Wanted

Selling to us is probably the simplest way to deal with your car, we are experts in the market and know exactly how to complete the process with the minimum of fuss.

Benefits of dealing with us;

You can complete the process online, once a deal is agreed we will collect from your home or workplace

Free collection in the UK

Fast secure payment

Why wait? Sell your car to us, starting now with a free valuation!


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