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Please send a few details about your car, we will give you a valuation and can make a cash offer with free UK collection

Do you have a LHD Car that you would like to sell ? We want all models in any condition from perfect cars to ones needing full restoration, barn finds, garage finds or just a box of parts. Do you have a car in storage that you are thinking of selling or perhaps you have had one passed down to you? We would love to buy your Mercedes and will pay the best price for it and will collect. Please let us know some details by submitting the form. We have been in the car business for over 30 years and are polite and helpful

mercedes benz e class lhd

Steps to sell your LHD Car:

  • To understand its value by searching online for similar cars advertised for sale
  • Gather all the paperwork you have, don’t worry if you don’t have anything at all including the V5 registration document.
  • Don’t spend money on any repairs before checking its value, it may be worth more as it is
  • Check if there are any specialist owners clubs in your area that can advise you.
  • Contact a specialist dealer for advice and a valuation, we will be happy to give you an accurate value, please contact us using the contact form, email or phone
mercedes benz e class
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